More than 20 years ago I got my first camera (Nikon F50) and from that moment on photography was lighting up my brain more than anything else.

I started out as a street life photographer while living in Bulgaria, Europe for 5 years.
There I had my first public exhibition with the project “Kremikovtzi”.
With the urge to tell stories, give people new perspectives and ways of seeing the world I continued my work in the United States where I currently live for the past 10 years.

Years later while living in San Francisco I learned how to rock climb from my close friends. 
I loved the feeling when I let it go off the wall, it felt like I was flying. 
Since then I have been very passionate when it comes to rock climbing.
I combined both and started taking photos for IFSC World Cups and climbing competitions across the world. 

Today while I have an IT engineering career and most of my days are in front of the computer I am trying to find time in busy everyday life to lighten up my brain again by combining my passions - photography and climbing.

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